Winterfest at Coggshall Park, January 31, 2015

It was the city's second Winterfest, but our first!

It's difficult to exagerate how cold this day was. There were social media complaints that the city didn't cancel it to avoid the risk of frostbite! It got no higher than 17 degrees F that day, and a 30 mph wind howled all afternoon and evening! But we sold three logs of beer and two gallons of mulled wine for CIvic Days. Everyone seemed to have a good time!

entrance picture

Note the plastic backdrop to help keep the wind out! With the wood bracing, it actually stayed up! Nice job, Trevor.

people having fun

Thanks to Walter of Partners Pub for donating a log of Pretty Things Jack D'or for the event.

Beers For Good Parsonnel dressed for the cold


entrance picture

The lights were for the skaters, but they turned them towards the Stone House when the skating was over.